Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ziplock Bag Mason Jar

Is it to early for me to start posting 4th of July crafts? 

Sure hope not! 

I made this using a ziplock bag shaped like a mason jar. 
The bags are made by Kirkland and I found them at Michael's. 
Retail is 4.99 for 4 bags which in my book is really expensive,
but since they are on sale now for 40% off I picked up a pack. 
Would have got two, but they only had one left. 
They also have ziplocks that look like preserve jars. These have
red gingham colored lids, and come in different sizes. 
So after making the tag I attached it with a ribbon on the side of the bag. 

Had to use a hole punch, but it was punched on the side seam well

away from the sealed edge. These bags are well made thick and sturdy. 

So I guess I shouldn't complain about the price as they are cute!!!! 

I've been on a designer paper buying binge lately. This one

was also at Michael's, and 70% off so I paid 5.99. Thought it 

would be great to make some retro tags with the prima dolls. 

Me and hubby went to a clean green class at the library last evening.
We got to mix some green cleaning products together to take home. 
We did pick up some good info. I'll write more about that in a later post. 
Stamping trails

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