Friday, May 5, 2017

Bless your Crafty Heart!

Its me again. Sorry I've been missing in action these

past few days. I worked the polls all day on Tuesday and

it just wiped me out! 

I got there at 5:15 am and didn't leave till 8:30 pm. 

Very long, long day indeed! 

Remember the card I posted for mailable Monday this week? 

When I was cleaning up the desk I happened to notice the scrap paper

that I used to do some second generation stamping. Anyway....I thought the

scrap paper look good and didn't wan to throw it out so I used 

it to make this card. 

This card is now in the mail and heading out to one of my crafting buddies. 

Today is John's late day of his clinical training. He wanted to bring

cookies in for the nursing staff that trained him, so guess who got to make them? 

Oh go ahead and guess you know it was me. I made 3 batches of chocolate chip. 

Then hubby got into the act and asked me to make him peanut butter cookies. 

I made a total of 4 batches of cookies. Took me a good 2 and half hours with 

the baking and clean up. I didn't mind so bad as it rained all day, and was a bit chilly 

so it was so nice to be in a warm kitchen that smelled of fresh baked cookies. 

Later I took a trip to Pat Catan's as I'm in a very large swap with my friend Kathleen, 

and I really needed to get some supplies for the 4th of July theme we are doing. 

I think I'll start working on that swap today.

Stamping trails

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