Sunday, May 28, 2017

Books from the Goodwill

Earlier this week me and John got had 

a chance to visit the goodwill. 

I found this mint condition Beatrix Potter book. 

The book slides out of the box. It has never been open. 

I love Beatrix Potter. At first I wasn't going to get it. 

Then John tells me I should as Sarah may have a baby. 

So I bought it for 3.93. 

The next book I bought was a Mel Bay guitar book. 

A deal at only .50 cents. 

Me and my brother Tony learned how to play guitars from Mel Bay books. 

Every time I find one I buy it. I'm getting a collection going.

Brings back good memories! 

Sarah is coming over today. Going to go and do some shopping. 

Should be fun! 

Stamping trails

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