Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cards from Friends, the Garden, Skip and Snow

Happy Sunday. 

I'm going to be posting some photos that I've got on file that

I had not got around to posting. 

Card on the left made my my friend Marianne, and card on the right done by Kat. 

This card made by another friend Connie. 

Thanks for the wonderful cards girls. 

Last of the stuff from the garden. Well not really the last as

Skip was still bringing in zucchini last week.

The watermelon appeared from nowhere. It must have

been a plant that grew from the compose heap. Skip cut it

open and said it wasn't any good, and it was the only one on the vine. 

We didn't get many tomatoes although I froze 12 bags of them. 

They were good. 

So yesterday me and Skip went to Costco. It was cold. Started to snow. 

Skip says its not snow its just road dust. Doesn't count as it melted 

as soon as it hit the windshield. 

Later we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Coming home from Medina snowing

again as we were coming out of the restaurant. Skip goes its not snowing.

Its just radioactive fallout we are being attacked. Again the snow it not sticking, and melting

on impact. 

We get home. I get out of the van. I tell him again its snowing look at

my hair...there is white flakes on it. He stops and looks and goes.....

that is not snow you have dandruff. Yep its going to be a very long


Stamping trails
and no I don't have dandruff


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Cheryl said...

I am sort of like Skip...just can't accept the snow thing...heck I am having a hard time accepting Fall! NOT looking forward to Winter at all!