Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wedding Photos

Sarah sent me photos that were took at the wedding. 

We haven't got them all back from the photographer as 

they are still being edited. 

Sarah loves black and white photos so some of them will

be done that way. Love this staircase shot!

Love the look on Jason face in this one. Some of the photos were

taking at Hinckly Lake.

This is my favorite staircase shot. 

Now this one I know took a lot o editing as it was

taken in my craft room in front of the window. 

Mom and daughter before the wedding. 

Happy couple. 

I'll post some more later this week. 

Wedding trails


Jan from Long Island said...

Wow...congratulations!!! Beautiful photos!

Cheryl said...

Nice! So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos. It's sweet to go down our own memory lanes too!