Thursday, October 29, 2015

Revlon Doll

I have one last birthday gift to share.

This lovely Revlon doll was a join present from 

my friends Connie, and Lisa. 

Connie told me they purchased her from Ebay and gave her

a visit to "their doll hospital" to get her cleaned up,

and get a hair do. 

Here is a back view. Love those curls!

They of course also made her dress. 

I'm going to raid my jewelry box and make her a necklace. 

The girls also told me they have more clothes patterns for her that

they will send to me, so I can make more outfits. Can't wait! 

Thanks so much ladies for such a thoughtful birthday gift. 

I know you put in a lot of work, and time to get my doll ready to give to me. 

Stamping trails

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Cheryl said...

Aww! Sweet Gift! Enjoy!