Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cherokee on her Royal Thone

After getting John, and Emily moved in on Friday to their

new apartment we all went out to Burger King. 

They had the crowns sitting on all the tables. 

Took one home and made it as small as I could and put it

on the cat Cherokee. She is laying on her throne, and not very

happy that I disturbed her royal rest. 

and here she is stretching while her servant guards her. 

Her throne is a box that we brought home from Costco. We added

a chair cushion and put it on top of the Foosball table. She likes being up high. 

Such a beautiful day we had here on Saturday. While at the graduation party

we took a walk along the lake and on the hiking trail. So nice just to be outside! 

Going to be another great day! Picking up Betty soon as we are going to do some

craft shopping. Should be fun! 
Happy birthday to my grandmother Alice "Minnie" Boothe. She would
have been 115 years old today. May you rest in peace "Mother"
She didn't want any of her grandchildren, or great grandchildren calling her grandma. 
So we called her Mother, same as her children did. Odd I know, but she thought being called
grandma made her old. She lived to a ripe old age of 96, and had a very good life. 

Stamping trails

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