Sunday, June 10, 2018

Zoo Animal Sketches by Emily

Now that my friend Lisa has these art pieces I can share them.

The very talented Emily sketched both of these. 

Thanks Em! You as always did an outstanding job! 

Love the eyes on the animals so realistic.
These are going to be a baby shower gift for Lisa's daughter Jessica. 
Here are the sketches without the frames. Just beautiful! 
We had a little thunder storm last evening. I enjoyed it, but my cat
Cherokee did not. She always runs and hides. She doesn't even
like the sound of rain on the roof. Silly kitty! 
John came over yesterday afternoon to visit, pick up his mail, and do
his laundry. They were heading out to look for a washer and dryer. 
Since they have a small laundry room and hook up in there apartment they
wanted to have a set. I remember when me and hubby were just starting out, and had Sarah
we went to the laundromat to do the wash. Not that I enjoyed doing that, but I was

use to it. My mom never had a washer/dryer. We always loaded up the wash in a rolling cart

on Sunday morning and headed down to the corner laundromat. Oh the memories! 
Happy birthday to my sister Charolette. She turns 64 today. Of course I have the Beatle
song in my head....Will you still need me, will you still feed me..when I'm 64. 
Stamping trails

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