Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Not my Fault Mom

While Cherokee looks purrr-fectly innocent

sitting on mom's crafting desk.....believe me she is not! 

I normally try to keep her off the desk as it is almost always messy, and

has craft stuff that I don't want her to get her little claws on. 

However the other day she jumped up before I could stop her, 

and look what she did.....

She knocked a pack of opened buttons off the desk, and

they scattered everywhere. 

Cherokee didn't even offer to help me pick them up. 

She sat on my desk waiting for me to finish so I 

could pet her. 

Just can't stay mad at a fur ball that purrrrrrs.

Me and hubby went to see Jurassic World yesterday. 

While it was pretty predicable it was still very entertaining, 
and who doesn't love Chris Pratt? 
Stamping trails

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