Friday, June 29, 2018

Campbell's Soup Kids Artist Trading Cards

My latest artist trading cards. 

Mmmm, Mmmm good! That's what Campbell's soup is

mmm, mmm, good! 

I didn't change these cards very much. 

Just trimmed off the edges, and mounted them to red checked 

patterned paper. Then added some buttons, and trim. 

I bought a box of these at a garage sale years ago. 

They have been sitting in a drawer gathering vintage dust just

waiting for me to do something with them! I paid two dollars for the cards.

Pretty good for a 100 cards. They have all types of different designs. 

Christmas, Halloween, New Year, and many others. Going to 

enjoy making some more projects with them. I read

somewhere that Kraft is reportedly interested in buying Campbell's. 

How times change. Every time I open a can of Campbell's I still

hear the theme from Lassie. Now that tells you how old I am!!!! 

Stamping trails

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