Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wildlife at Brunswick Lake

Saw some wildlife last week while taking a walk around

Brunswick Lake. Happy to see the deer back in the park. 

This little girl was just having her breakfast without a care in the

world, and didn't mind getting her picture taken. 

I was only a few feet away from her. 

This turtle was on a log just next to one of the bridges along the lake. 

Poor little guy. Looks like a bird had been sitting on him and decided

to use his shell for the restroom. Think this turtle could use a wash, 

and shine with Turtle Wax! 

On the other side of the lake at the dam this little turtle was

sunning on a rock. 

At the end of the lake close to the peninsula the ducks were resting and sunning themselves. 

There was a mother with her young children on the bridge trying to fee the ducks

but they wanted to sleep. They did get the attention of  a large carp with the bread they

were throwing in the water. 
tried to get a photo of the carp but you can hardly see it. It was huge!!!! 

When we got home I snapped this photo of a humming bird at the feeder. 

I need to take photos of the garden to share as I haven't done that this season. 

People have been asking me if we planted one, and the answer is yes we did. 

Stamping trails

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