Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cardstock Carrot Garland

I made a carrot garland yesterday afternoon to hang on my kitchen hutch. 

Click on the photo to get a closer look. 

I cut 1 inch strips of 12x12 textured cardstock then bent the strips and stapled at 

the bottom to make the carrot shape. 

To make the leaves I cut 3/4 inch strips of green cardstock. Then 

I folded the strips back and forth to form three leaves. These were stapled at

the bottom to hold them together then hot glued to the top of each carrot. 

I used a hand held 1/2 punch to put the holes in the carrots then threaded 

twine through each one to form the garland. 

Just something simple to perk up the kitchen for Spring. 

It was 65 here yesterday. I got out and did a little bit of walking up the street. 

Nice to get out and move. I also jumped on the recumbent bike, so I got a good workout. 

I've been trying to work more water into my day, and came up with 

a flavor combo of infused water that I just love. 

One slice lemon, and sliced cucumbers. So refreshing! My next favorite

infused water is apple and cinnamon stick. This is a old tupperware pitcher that

I've had since we lived on Guam. Sort of a light blue. I think it was called watercolor. My friend Lisa

will remember this as I'm pretty sure she gave it to me.

Since I'm making all this infused water I think I need to invest in one of those pitchers that

are made just for infused water. Think I'll cruise around Amazon today! 

Stamping trails

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