Sunday, March 27, 2016

Strawberry Cake

I had such a good day yesterday with Sarah. 

She wanted to make a strawberry cake for Easter Dinner, but 

didn't have a stand mixer or a food processor so she spent the 

afternoon baking in my kitchen. 

We had to alter the cake a bit as it called for a spring form pan which I don't have. 

The cake as pictured was suppose to have 3 layers, but we made two using 8 inch cake pans. 

We needed lots of strawberries!

Building the second layer. 

Here is the top. 

Side view. 

Happy girl with her completed cake. 

I have never made a cake from scratch, and neither had Sarah. 

We followed the recipe and it came out pretty darn good. I should

have taken a photo of the first layer after it was finished because it also has

a strawberry filling that we made. Skip thought we were making cheese cake as 

he saw the package of cream cheese that we needed to make the whipped cream layer. 

Sarah told him she had a recipe for a New York cheesecake that she'll make for him next time. 

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter. The family will be gathering here around 4 for dinner. 

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