Thursday, March 10, 2016

It Was......

73 degrees here yesterday!!!! So nice!

I enjoyed getting out of the house. Did some of my PT work outside

for a change, and look what I discovered in my front yard. The crocus are up. 

The grass is brown. Hubby needs to fertilize it pretty soon.

Even the tulips are poking there little heads up. 

Really need to clean out that front flower bed. Sarah said she would 

come over and help me with it. Such a wonderful girl! 

Skip had to work day shift yesterday, and he was home at 3, so we 

went to Applebees for dinner, and OMG we were out of dry cat food so

had to stop at the grocery store for that and some other things. Poor Cherokee

had to have wet food for breakfast and forgo her dry till later in the day. 

I can't believe my four legged baby is two years old this month. Not sure

what day she was born, but I know it was in March. 

Going to be warm again today, but lots of rain, so I'll most likely be in for the 

day. I did get a new toy in the mail yesterday. Its made by We R Memories, called

Fuse tool. Be playing with that today. 

Stamping trails

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Cherie said...

How pretty! We have had rain all week and it is getting old! :(