Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Clearance Stuff from Jo-Ann

My Joann finds from Sunday. 

Now the doilies on top were not on clearance but were

on sale for 1.10 a pack. Its a new section called Ms. Sparkle and 

company. Lots on bins filled with different embellishments. 

 I really liked the caramel colored doilies. Will look great with coffee and 

tea stamps. Course I had to have black ones too. These doilies are 4". 

Splurged on Tim Hotz stuff. 

Sorry I just now saw that there is a glare from the packaging. Too lazy 

to got take another photo. LOL. But this one has a cool sewing machine, and 

dress form stamp in the set. 

LOL stamp. I used one of these in yesterday's post. Set
has sayings all about wine. Love it! 
This one is all about birthday days. I like 
the one that reads "my birthday suit is wrinkled" 
There is also a quote from Julia Child " a party without a cake is just a meeting"
Gotta love that saying! 
 Yes I got more washi tape! 

 Vintage Tim Hotlz stickers. Will be good with the flip books that I making. 

This box I picked up because I'm thinking of making

a memory box with stuff about my dad. 

Another thing by Tim Holtz. This is a portfolio. Done with heavy duty

craft paper. Will be great to alter. 

Okay so now I have all this great stuff to work with I'll be 

in the stamping studio if you need me! 

Stamping trails

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