Thursday, March 16, 2017

Washi Tape Book

Recently I was in a washi tape swap. 

The requirements were to send your

partner 12 inches each of 25 different washi tapes. 

I've been in swaps like this before. Normally 

the tape is wrapped around playing cards. Because

the cards are coated the washi tape can easily be 

removed to be used. 

I never once thought to do the swap like the

washi tape book I received from my partner! 

It is so cool! She laminated the pages, and covers. 

We both decided to send each other 24 inches of each

tape. What can I say we are both crazy for washi! 

There are lots of great tape to use in my book! 

Thanks so much Theresa! Just love it. You did a great

job presenting the tape! 

I couldn't resist going on  the back deck yesterday afternoon to

take photos of icicles on the eves of the house. 

So pretty. 

Here you can see some snow on the roof. 

Yesterday was so cold and windy that the buzzards that

are suppose to return to roost at Hinckley Park reservation didn't return.

It was to windy for them to fly. Hopefully they will get to come back today. 

Skip thinks all the snow will melt over the weekend. Hope so! 

Stamping trails

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