Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prima Doll Mirror and Pouch

Look what I made!

Found several small hand mirrors in the drawer I keep 

metal things in....doesn't everyone have a drawer that holds

misc stuff that can be altered? I can't be the only one! 

Anyway....the mirrors are white. I stamped the doll

with Jet Black StazOn then added color with Sharpie markers. 

After everything was heat set with the heat tool I added

a sheet of red sticky adhesive. Next came the clear micro beads. 

Love it! But wait.....if I'm going to be carrying this mirror in my 

purse I want to make sure its protected. 

I made a little case to keep it in. Quick and easy

stitching on the sewing machine. I used pinking shears around

the edges so I wouldn't have to mess with turning the raw

edges to the inside. Along the strip that I attached to hold

the flap closed I added some fabric rose trim. 

LOVE it! 

So yesterday I though the house was going to blow away.

It was warm, but so windy out. Went out for coffee with Skip, and

I had trouble getting out of car because the wind was so strong

it was pushing car door.

I got a letter from the Board of Elections yesterday. 

They want me to be a manager again for a special election being

held in May. So I'm going work the polls again. Class will be held this

month. So I'll need to attend that. Which I'm happy about. The first time I 

worked the polls it was an last minute class and I didn't get to work

with the polling machines. So this time I'll feel more prepared.

Stamping trails

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