Thursday, July 6, 2017

Plum Creek Park

Me and hubby went walking at our favorite park Plum Creek. 

It was pretty hot here on the 4th of July, but the park nature trail is

nicely shaded so it is a lot cooler. Of course I was still sweating

bullets by the time the walk was over, but sweating is good for you. 

this trail is a bit challenging to hike. There are lots of hills, and

steps to climb. I call it goat paths. Really mountain goats would

be happy at this place. 

hubby on one of the many bridges. 
there are three different trails.
The one is the most difficult. Its about a mile. 
We combined the blue trail which is about 3/4 mile with the
red trail. I love how you can do that! 
Coming down from one of the hills. 

Hubby being silly standing on a tree root. 

Here the park ranges took care of a tree that fell across the path.

They just cut and removed the one section. Now if you need a break

you can just sit on the tree trunk. 

I took this photo because I saw tadpoles in the water. You may

be able to see them if you click on the photo to enlarge it. 

Hiking up the steps again. 

This is the vernal pool. 

Hubby pressing his luck! 

Not to worry he didn't fall in.
The pool is home to many different critters. 
Okay this is the uncommon critter that shows up at the pool from time 

to time! LOL

I should have started this post with the Nature Trail sign, 

but we actually walked the trail in reverse this time so it was

the last sign I came to. Like I said I love how this park it laid out. 

There are so many different ways to hike it. 

Stamping trails

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