Monday, July 10, 2017

Mailable Monday #201

Happy birthday to my son John. He turns 29 today. 

Seems like only yesterday he was a little baby. Don't

know where the time goes, but it just flies by. 

This is just a very simple quick and easy card. 

Used Honeycomb Happiness for the balloon. 

It was colored with Prisma pencils. 

We had a pizza party for John here yesterday with just the family. 

He wanted an ice cream cake so I made my famous Oreo cake. 

Not hard to do, but people really love it. Much better

than an ice cream cake from Diary Queen. 

Since I'm back on my diet again I only allowed myself

to have a very small bite of this as I know the calories are high.
No fat was spared in the making of this cake! 
I also only had one slice of pizza. Me and John both like Hawaiian pizza. 

The calories per slice on that was a lot less than the pepperoni and sausage the 

rest of the party ate. Trying to be good. I lost 3 pounds this week. Go me! 

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