Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cooking Theme Pocket Letter

Well here is what I've been working on this week. 

It's a cooking theme pocket letter. 

I used a new doll called Phoebe.

While at Pat Catan's last week I lucked out

and found a paper pack that had a food theme. 

Worked out great with this letter. 

Most of the cards in the sleeves came from that pack. I added

a few embellishments to them. 

Also at Catan's I found the cute little mini whisk and

rolling pin. I had hubby drill a hole in the top of the pin so it 

could be hung on the pocket letter sidebar. 

Close up view of the Phoebe. I attached her a little differently. 

She is held on the letter with Velcro, and can be removed so

the person receiving the letter can remove the goodies from the pockets. 

I like the tie in with the doll holding a rolling pin, and the rolling pin on the sidebar. 

Closer view at the top three pockets. 

It has been super hot here in my neck of the woods. Lots of rain as well, which

as we all know just pushes the humidity through the roof. 

Didn't want to hike outside yesterday to wet, and muggy. Hubby and I 

went to the mall, and did some mall walking. 

More rain on the way today, but they are saying the rain will clear out for the

rest of the week. I won't hold my breath! 

Stamping trails

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