Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walking with Dinosaurs

Okay I'm back today to show the photos of the Dino Trail. 

They put this little path that leads up to benches at Brunswick Lake. 

the beginning of the trail. The tracks start off small then

get bigger as the dinos get larger. 

the tracks are mixed with different dinos

Hubby walking in the tracks. 

Look even little tracks. 

I like that they mixed nautilus shells in with the tracks. 

Here are the benches. 

The kids at the  schools made artwork to be added to the top of the benches. 

I really like the artwork of the dino getting a drink. 

and I like the mastodon. 
Sarah is coming over this morning. We are going to visit grandma and 
take her lunch. She likes McDonald's hamburgers so we are going to
get her those along with some fries. After that we are going
to hit a few stores and do some shopping. Should be a great day! 
Stamping trails

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