Sunday, July 30, 2017

I found a Rock

So as I started to tell you yesterday that while me and hubby

were walking around Brunswick Lake on Thursday I happened

to see this painted rock that caught my eye. 

It was placed in the lower corner of the Dino Track sign. 

Of course I had to pick it up. No name as who the artist was. 

The rock was dated and had Facebook Page info on the back. 

Northeast Ohio Rocks. The group was formed in 2016. They paint

rocks, and hide them in plain site so they may be found by someone. 

The person who finds the rock is suppose to go to the FB page and post 

a photo on where the rock was found, then hide it again. 

Well I thought it was a fun concept. I've been looking at there page, and

there are some very talented people who enjoy painting the rocks, and 

hiding them. Don't know if I'm going to get into painting rocks anytime soon, 

but I will be keeping my eye out to find another one! 

Oh I did hide my rock. Want to know where? Give you a hint it

is some place that I enjoy walking at. 

Speaking of walking me and hubby took a long walk today at 

Plum Creek. It was the first time I was able to hike the long Tulip trail. 

Its a little over a mile. I think they should have named it the goat path. 

Lots of hills, and steep steps to climb, but I made it! Made

me feel really good to do that! 

Stamping trails

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