Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yellow Skies

I forgot to post these photos late week. 

We had a little storm, just before the sun went down. I happened 

to look out the window and the sky looked yellow. 

Both of these photos were taken out my front door. 

This photo will really show that the sky was yellow. 

My kitchen walls are white, but in this photo they appear


It was different so I decided to take the photos. 

Me and hubby went walking around Brunswick Lake yesterday around

6 pm. I wish I had brought my camera. So how many times do I say that? 

We saw a snake, groundhog, fish jump out of the water, dinosaur tracks (I'll explain

that one later with pictures as I'm going back today and take them)

and we saw two young boys who were maybe ten and they were fishing. 

One of the boys caught a bass and we watched him reel him in. 

So it was an exciting walk! 
Sending a shout out to my friend Kat. She knows why. Wishing
you all the best girlfriend! 

Stamping trails

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