Saturday, July 22, 2017

Punch Art Santa

Well I've already stated how hot its been here. 

I am melting! 

We went hiking around the lake yesterday afternoon, and

my hair was soaking wet because I was sweating so bad. 

Well I guess I got rid of some excess salt! 

So because its so hot I made my Santa punch art look very "cool"

Gave him some shades! I think he is pretty funny looking, but

I think this will make a good gift card holder for one of the boys. 

And I have to share this photo with you. 

I was driving by Paninis restaurant, and they
have this very large inflatable Santa Claus. Guess they
must be having a Christmas in July thing going on. 
Since no one was right behind my car on the road I stopped
and snapped the photo. I really think he needs to be wearing shorts, 
sunglasses, and lots of suntan lotion. 
Stamping trails

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