Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Egg Nesties

Okay I had an inspiration. You remember when you colored eggs as a kid and the Paas dye kit had paper stands that you looped together and then placed the colored egg on it? I made these stands with cardstock. The plastic eggs are the jumbo ones. I got a big bag of them for 1.40 at Big Lots. So lets see....I used one for the egg wagon on Sunday's post, two for this post....I only have 21 more to figure out what to do with. LOL

The eggs worked out good as for some reason there is two holes at the top of each egg. Perfect size to run the ribbon through so I could tie a bow at the top. Stamps are from the same set I used yesterday Bunnies and Chicks by See-D's. The cardstock eggs were stamped on Almost Amethyst, then embossed with Pearl Luster gold embossing powder. Maybe I'll just make more of these and take them to work to give to co-workers. Either that or I'll have to pack them up for next year. All this Easter stuff brings back memories of the kids when they were younger. One year I made bunny footprints from paper and put them on the floor from my daughters door. She had to follow them to find her basket. She was three when I did that. John hadn't been born then. Sarah got a real thrill from following those prints.


People at worked were shocked to see my hair. Most of the comments were good. It's a big change for me. I even got some whistles!!! LOL
Sarah did my hair today and took this pic. I like it!!!!!

Stamping trails

Karen 205

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