Thursday, March 5, 2009

When I Grow Up.......

I want to be a wonderful artist like my friend Connie. Just love to receive cards from her. Her cards are always so beautifully done. Nice and clean, with every attention to detail.

She was a bit late getting the Valentine card to me. Didn't help that hubby had lost the envelope that the card was in so it had been on the kitchen table buried in with the newspaper. Glad I finally found the card.

The next card was done for a challenge. My buds and I put in a single stamp each and we have to make each other a card using the stamps that we put in. The tree is just stunning with the ribbon woven in through the branches. Connie said it was a pain to make but I think it was worth it!!!

I had my first bad weigh in. I gained 3 pounds this past week. I tried very hard to stick to the plan but because of my pulled muscle I couldn't work out, and the pills I was on did not help matters. Good news is I'm better and will be able to start working out again tomorrow. Time for some damage control. I need to get back on track. So ladies I really need some encouragement cards this week!

Stamping Trails

Karen 208

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