Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yummy Basket

So I started feeling better yesterday. Still hacking, and feeling yucky, but it's not as bad. Me and hubby went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and he thought I was going to pass out in the checkout line. I just got overheated and felt a bit dizzy. Took it easy for the rest of the day. I did get down to the stamp room and I made some stuff... that made me feel almost normal again!
The box was made using
I got the idea from Julie's blog Super simple to make the box. You have to cut two boxes, and assemble each one. Next you take the large oval punch and punch one hole in the center. Place the boxes back to back and adhere together using Red Line tape. Line up the oval punch again and punch the second box. You need to do it this way as the oval punch is not designed to punch through two layers of cardstock. I selected Tango Tangerine for the box and was really excited to used the new Basic Grey designer paper Marrakech. The paper was cut to fit as a liner on the inside basket part, again line up the oval punch and punch out the liner after gluing it down. On the last oval punch for the other side I couldn't get the punch to go though all the way so I had to use my craft knife. The strip of 2x12 paper didn't go all the way around the box so I cut another small piece to make it fit then added the Chocolate Chip piece with "Yummy" to cover it up.
Not planning on doing much again today, just going to take it easy. I'll have to go back to work on Monday and I'm dreading it. I know I'll have lots of work waiting for me after missing two days. Oh well I can only do so much....Right?
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