Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gift Packet of Cards from Kat

My friend Kat heard I was sad last week from gaining 3 pounds. So she sent me this great 4 pack of cards. Just love them! Really lifted my mood this week, and I really needed it. Hard week at work, and hubby has been sick. So not a nice week for sure.

I did go to weigh in on Thursday. I lost 2 of the pounds I gained back. I was hoping for more but as long as the scale is moving down again. Seems like I'll never get past this last 10 pounds I need to lose to be in the hundreds at last. I'm hopeful with Spring around the corner my mood will lift and it will get easier to be outside to workout. I really struggled this winter with getting on the treadmill. Since it's in the un-heated garage it's been hard to get moving.

The sun is shining today. Still not what I'd call warm even by Ohio standards, but the sun makes you feel a bit warmer anyway. I told hubby that I feel like a caged animal. I was going to get my hair trimmed today and then dye it at home. Gray is showing. YIKES. Instead I made an appointment to have it cut and colored at the salon. Hubby is going to pay for it. That was sweet of him. Seeing how with my mid length hair it will be over 100.00 to have it done at the JC Penny Salon. I don't trust my hair to many people and there is a wonderful woman there named Joyce she has done Sarah's hair several times and it's always perfect. So I'll have to deal with the gray till the 28th of this month. It was the soonest she could fit me in. I'll take pics and put on the blog. I'll tell you now I've decided to go lighter. So it may be a shock! Now back to that caged animal... after I'm finished posting this we are going to the lake and take a walk then off to Archivers. Like Kat says......I need retail therapy.

Stamping trails

Karen 206

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