Friday, April 8, 2016

Always Remember Card

As a rule I don't buy Project Life stamps, but

I liked the swirly stamp (stamped in red on the card) in the Making Memories set so I

purchased it. 
Flower in the center is from Crazy for You stamp set. Also used Timeless Textures....this
stamp set is my new best go to set.....use it all the time!!!!! 

Also high up there on my go to adhesive for construction is Easy-Tear Tape by iCraft. 

Super strong double sided tape that doesn't require scissors. Just tear off what

you want to use. Red line adhesive tape is also strong, but I'm tired of having

sticky scissors, and red line backing that clings to me and everything else. No static

on the removable white liner on the tear tape. YAY! 

Only paid 2.00 at Pat Catan's for a 27 yard roll. That should last me awhile. 

Got scolded by my doctor yesterday. Since the surgery I've gained 20 pounds. Really

not all my fault as I wasn't able to work out let alone walk very well. Quite honestly I'm 

surprised I didn't gain more. Hopefully when the weather improves I'll be able to get out

more. As I'm writing this post its snowing. and there is about 1 inch of snow on the ground! 

Can you believe it!!!!! My blood pressure was good 126/80. So at least gave me a good report. 

Have to have blood work done, as he wants to check my blood sugar. No one told me

that my blood sugar was up while I was in the hospital for the knee replacement. The doctor told

me it was most likely cause by the fluids they were giving me. Know what I think? 

I think it was Sarah and Jason's wedding cake, and the sunflower cookies. LOL 

At any rate I'll keep you posted on the blood work. In the mean time I'm back on the diet. 

Stamping trails

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