Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Hubby and Me

Happy 34th Anniversary to Skip and me. 

Wanted to share cards we received from friends. 

This one is from Kat. So pretty. Kat, Skip picked the card up looked at

me and said yes we are "kindred spirits". Love crumb cake and red together. Oh 

by the way hubby's favorite color is red. 

Another pretty card from my friend Lisa. I also love red and gray together. 

Skip really liked this one to. 
Lisa happy anniversary to you and Geoff too. How wonderful that we share the same wedding day. 
 Thanks again girls for the cards! 

So Happy Anniversary to my hubby. We are going to the Richfield Taverne for dinner. 

This is the same place that Sarah and Jason had their wedding reception.

Stamping trails

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