Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teapot turned into an Elephant

So I was sitting at the desk yesterday with the cuppa framlits all

set to make a nice card with a teapot, cup, and a lace doily when 

all of a sudden the teapot looked like an elephant to me. Really....

just take off the lid and use the handle to make the ear. Add an eye, and 

some dots for his toes and there you go. His curvy tail is also from the cuppa set. 

Maybe today I'll get to making the teapot card. 

Yesterday's weather here in Ohio was really strange! 

In the course of 1/2 hour we had snow, rain, hail, thunder, lightening, wind, and

just a little peek of sunshine. Only in Ohio! We got more snow last evening and

the temps are in the brrrrrrry 30's. The calendar doesn't know that its suppose to be 


Stamping trails

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