Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Well to Me

I made this card for me late yesterday.

Was not feeling good Wednesday night and was up half the night 

with a splitting headache. 

So I napped a lot yesterday. 

Kat and her friend Ceil sent me these cute little die cuts of pots, saucers, and cups

(thanks girls!). 

They are great for making a quick and cute card. Really nice to have when I wasn't feeling overly 

Inside view. 

So get well to me! I am much better today. Since its going to be 

warm and sunny think I'll get out of the house and get some air. 
Big Happy Birthday to my nephew Corbet. Hope you have a great day!!!!! 
Looking forward to going to the slot card show with you later in the month. 

Stamping trails

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