Monday, April 4, 2016

Mailable Monday #146

For an easy mailable card washi tape is perfect! 

Its flat, pretty, and there is so many different ways you can use it on a card. 

The musical tape was given to me by my friend Lisa. The black stripe tape

is from SU. 

You can see from this view I carried the tape into the inside. 

A few years ago I went through a lot of my wooden stamps and grouped them

by greeting. Makes it really easy to see them on my shelves. I've wrote what was in the box

on the side. This one contains: to/from, just for you, and just a note. Also has some

misc stamps. I have boxes of all thank yous, birthdays, thinking of you, and many more greetings
all grouped. 
So here is is April 4th the Cleveland Indians Home Opener....and guess what? 
They had to postpone it due to inclement weather. Only in Ohio! It does

snow here in April. I've seen it snow right up to the middle of April. I remember back

to April 15th 1973 when my family moved into a new house on Broadview and Oak Park. 

There was an inch of snow on the ground then. Not so uncommon. I for one want warmer weather, 
and the sun!!!!!! So for my friends living in TX get outside and enjoy your warm weather and
fan some of it my way!!!
Stamping trails

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