Monday, April 25, 2016

Mailable Monday # 129

Let me start out by saying that I believe in signs.

I believe in angels. 

I believe that love ones that have passed over leave messages for you. 

Having said that.......

I had the pleasure of going to a slot car show yesterday with

my hubby, son, and my two nephews.

This was something that we all did with my brother Tony while he

was alive. Tony loved collecting cars and racing them on his track. 

While walking down the aisles looking at the cars for sale this

car case caught my eye. See the name? I believe with all my heart that

this case belonged to my brother. It looks like his printing. How it came to be for sale you 

might wonder. Well Tony did do some trading with other slot car collectors. I think

he just wanted to let me know he was at the show with us in spirit. 

Another reason I think he was there. Neil ( Tony's youngest) won the first door prize)

We've been going to the show for years and never won. 

This was taken in the lobby, and Neil doesn't like to smile for photos, but let me tell you he was

grinning ear to ear when they called out his number. 

And just like his dad he told me that he didn't want the track (they have enough)

all he wanted was the cars. 

Oh getting back to today's card. Made for my brother in mind using

Classic Convertibles (retired SU) Stamped all in Smokey Gray and accented 

with some purple washi tape (Tony's favorite color).

Stamping trails


Jan from Long Island said...

Beautiful card! I too believe in angels and signs and rest assured, Tony was at that show with you!!! What a blessing!

Krafting Karen said...

Thanks Jan. I shed a few tears yesterday, but I felt comforted, and blessed