Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fall Colors and a Mixed up Cactus

I took these photos last week at Brunswick Lake. 

The trees were just so pretty! Love the reds! 

There is a line of trees between the lake trail and the Cleveland Clinic. 

Also burning bushes. 

And I couldn't resist taking this photo of one of our trees

in the front lawn. Its pretty much lost all its leaves. 

Fall is beautiful while it is here! Turns into winter to fast for me!

and speaking of winter.....yes its that time

of year for my Christmas cactus to bloom. 

This plant is 22 years old now, and has been re-potted

at least 4 times now. The last time was this summer. Had to

get hubby to help me to do it as its a pretty big plant. 

So it is a little confused and thinks it is a Thanksgiving cactus! 

Stamping trails

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