Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Cat on the Desk

So if you want to know why I haven't stamped anything new

here is the reason. Cherokee has been following me around. 

I think since mercury dropped she is on the look out for a warm lap. 

Since she is so cute I have to cut her some slack. 

When I'm in my stamping studio, and I don't let her in my lap she settles

for the desk. Most of the time it is to full for me to let her on it. 

And of course when she is on the desk she likes to move things around. 

The good news is I've finished the swap I was working on. 

Today I plan to do some much needed house cleaning. Me and hubby

took down the Halloween decorations, and I want to get the house

clean before I start putting up Christmas. Is it to early to be humming

Christmas carols? 

Stamping trails

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