Monday, November 20, 2017

Mailable Monday #219

Well Mr. Turkey has his back against the 

barn door this week. 

He is protesting for people to "eat more beef"! 

Sorry couldn't resist! And I'm sorry Mr. Turkey,

but I'll be seeing you on the table on Thursday! 

The turkey stamp I got several years ago. Not sure what company

put him out. I do like that he also came with a turkey feet stamp. 

The greeting I made on my Dymo machine. 

The hardwood background is a stamp from SU. 

I didn't get a clean image with the background stamp and

this piece ended up in that scrap bag I have, so I decided to use it. 

Today I'll be cleaning up the kitchen. Have to scour the sink, and the stove top. 

Then later we are going to take a break and catch a movie. 

We got a few snow flurries yesterday, but none of them stuck around for long. 

Oh and I have to wrap Sarah's birthday gifts.Busy, busy!!!!

Stamping trails

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