Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scenes from the Mall

Couldn't work in my craft room yesterday as 

our heater went out. We will be getting it

replaced sometime this morning. It was a very

cold night for us. At least it didn't go below freezing, but

gosh was it cold! 

So instead of projects today I'm posting some photos that I 

took at the mall a few days ago. 

Isn't this dress something? 

I've seen trees that you can get that are designed this way on 

a dress makers dummy, but I didn't know you could

buy an actual Christmas tree dress! 

The Ice Palace. Santa hangs out there waiting for kids

to tell him what they are wishing for Christmas. 

Love the polar bears.

Snowy trees around the palace. 

Hubby took this photo of me....and no I didn't visit with Santa! 

View from the escalator. 

I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully warmer! 

Stamping trails

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