Saturday, November 11, 2017

More Wind Damage

Well the storm we had Monday night did some

damage to Brunswick Lake. 

Here we see one of the benches got smashed. 

Several of the trees along the trail were snapped. 

Not all was bad. The leaves looked nice on the ground

with the sun peeking through the trees. 

Yup those are hubby's shoes standing in the yellow leaves. 

His red shoes go well with the yellow! 
I posted this photo on FB, but I don't think I posted it on the blog. 
This is a photo of one of the maple trees in the backyard. It snapped
during the wind storm. 
Another view of it on the ground.

and we had more damage at home that

we didn't notice till a few days later. The rear

passenger door of my new car got dented. 

We are thinking that a branch hit it during the wind storm. 

This is a photo of the lower door.

Also got a dent on the upper part of the door. 

I guess we were lucky that the window didn't get broken. 

Since it snowed yesterday we washed the car Thursday, and

parked it in the garage for the winter. I'll miss my car! 
To all those Veterans thanks so much for your service! 

I know lots of people who have served. Hubby, Lisa, Geoff,and Roger served in the Navy.

Kathy, and Joe Marine Corps. My Uncle Glenn who gave his life fighting in the Army in 

Korea. My father-in-law Clarence who served in Germany, my Uncle Butch, and Uncle Les

who were also in the Army. Thank you all!

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