Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One Fine Fall Day

We we were at the lake in October I took a bunch of photos

but didn't get around to posting them. 

Since I haven't had time to craft I thought this would be

a great time to share them. 

Of course here is my hubby looking out over the lake. 

I like how the sunlight was hitting the leaves through the trees. 

More shadows of the sun through the trees. 

Mallard duck enjoying the sun. 

Me and hubby. He put the camera up on a tree stump to

take this photo. 

Me on the bridge. I never should have given him 

the camera as all he does is take photos of me. Which

by the way I don't like being done. 

So I having been crafting because my dear mom in law Kate took

a fall at the home a few days ago. She fracture her hip. She has since

been moved to Hospice. She is not eating so I'm thinking this is going to 

be the beginning of the end. Please say a prayer for her and the family. Thanks. 

Stamping trails

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