Saturday, February 3, 2018

Happy Birthday to Mom

Happy birthday to my mom Gladys who would have been

86 years old today. Miss you mom!

The photo of her with the babies are her niece and nephew. 

On the back mom has written that this photo was taken outside of church. 
She was living in Virginia with her mom, and sisters. 

No date on the small photo in the frame, but I always like this photo of her. 

I have this one of me and mom is a glass bottle along with a string of pearls that

belonged to her. 

Mom and dad. 

This was taken in the basement at the house we lived at on Oak Park. 

The stuff you see on the wall was stuff me and by brother Tony put up. 

Tony use to live in the basement, and enjoyed doing so. He had the best room! 

Today I made lasagna for the family. Emily came over and had dinner with us. 

For the rest of the day I plan to do nothing, but relax. 

Stamping trails

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