Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Remembering my Brother

It has been 11 years today since my brother left me. 

Thinking back I just can't fathom how it has been that many years ago. 

Top left photo of me and Tony. Upper right Tony being silly. 

Lower left of him on a metal toy truck. He was a cute little kid. 

In the center is our mom Gladys holding him. 

Next to that photo is Charlotte, Tony, and me. There are

very few photos of all of us together, so I really treasure them.

Upper left Tony with a girl from Lincoln West high school. Love the hat. 

Next to that Tony doing what he enjoyed building bikes, and working on cars. 

Him on a bike, and next to that is him playing around with Sarah. 

Playing a guitar. Something else that he loved to do. 

The photo on the right of him being silly with a Santa hat on. He

did have a charming way of making me laugh. 

So today I'm remembering my brother like I do pretty much everyday

since his passing. There is not a day goes by I don't think of you Tony. 

Love you big brother! 

I'm also listening to his favorite artist Neil Young. 

Such a better person for having you as a brother


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