Thursday, February 8, 2018

Home and Garden Show 2018

With all the snow we have been having it was really nice

to get out on Sunday to the IX Center Home and Garden Show. 

Lots of wonderful flowers to see, and it smelled so good! 
Of course I took a ton of photos. 
They had some lovely landscaping that we got to walk through. 

I always amazes me how they get the water falls in the building. Lots of

work went into to building it all. If you are in the area this coming weekend will

be your last chance to attend. 

Lots of daffodils. 

I took this photo for my friend Kym who loves her birds. 

This fellow was in the center of a landscaping set up. 

Now this scene of course blew my mind. It was a wine themed set up. 

Look at the size of that cork! 

The water that was flowing from the bottle was either tinted with dye or maybe

it was the lighting, but it looked like red wine. 

and get a load of those large wine bottles! They were selling them for 700 dollars! 

Check out the wine cork covered mailbox. 

they had another one covered with cd's. I like the record in the front of this one. 

See what it is? The Beatles Wait a Minute Mr. Postman. How clever!

Check out the player piano. 

I liked the guitar that was turned into a planter. I'm really thinking about this one 

as I have a guitar I can use. 

Okay that is all the photos I'm posting. We did have a great time. Really got

me and the family in the mood for Spring! 

Stamping trails

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