Monday, February 12, 2018

Mailable Monday #225

Well this card actually made itself. Took

2 minutes to put together. Thanks to Ceil!

All of the pieces to the card were made with

pre-cut, and stamped cardstock that Ceil sent in 

the package that arrived on Saturday. 

Only thing I had to do was cut the base card, and trim

the greeting a bit. 

Yesterday was busy for us. 

Sarah came over and cleared out the remained of everything she

left at the house in storage. Lots of stuff going to goodwill, some in the trash, 

and clear tubbies that she filled to keep. 

She also took her hope chest that has been in my sewing room. 

Happy about that as I have more room now. 

Made pot roast and veggies in the pressure cooker. That

came out fantastic! I think the pressure cooker is growing on me. Didn't

think I'd ever want to trade in my crockpot in favor of using it. 

Today I'll be heading out to stamp with Betty. I'm also going to finish

weeding through some stuff to put in the June yard sale. Busy, busy! 

Stamping trails


Kay Jantz said...

Love that embossing folder. Any idea where or who it is from, available???? Beautiful yet simple!

Krafting Karen said...

I'll try to find out for you Kay. This is one that a friend had embossed and sent to me.

Krafting Karen said...

Made by Carabelle Studio. Called Hearts in Flight