Sunday, November 18, 2012

Candle Light Walk

We went to downtown Medina last evening for the 27th annual Candlelight walk. Got to see the square all lit up with the tree in the gazebo. Perfect weather for a walk. It was 55 during the afternoon and the evening was still warm. Clear night not a cloud in the sky which was great because they also shot off fireworks.

Jute Box in the town music store.

I love these flowers made from glass plates, bowls, and candle holders. I saw some of these on Pinterest and have thought about making some for the yard. Wonder what type of glue the designer used for these.

Fireworks for Thanksgiving!  

The show was pretty good, and they had it set to Christmas music.

Stamping trails

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Sally Davis said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures from the candle light walk. Since I am out of town I could not attend so it was good to see the hometown on the internet.