Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday to my baby girl who turns 30 today. Sarah you are beautiful woman. Mom and dad are so proud of you. She wanted Oreo cookie ice cream cake. So I made that for her and as not to melt the ice cream only used 3 candles.

My friends know I make use of any type of box I have on hand to use for wrapping. Sarah I think forgot. She thought I was giving her Rice Krispies.

The look her face is priceless! 
She had fun opening up all 30 presents. I thought we would never reach the end of them.
I had to hurry her up a bit as she wanted to ooo and ah over each of them. 

I also wanted to thank Lisa again for the lovely tablecloth. She got me this one for my birthday and it is just perfect! We had a nice Thanksgiving with the family yesterday. I'm pretty tired today. Going to put up the tree later. Got to get some more coffee in me!

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