Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Swap Received

I received the 12 Days of Christmas swap back. Since I joined two slots I'll have 24 little packages to open up. One each day of December through the 24th. So I'll will be sharing what I received with you on the blog each day.
This little candy favor was made by the hostess Vicki. Skinny cello bag willed with M&M's. So sweet of her to make these for all the swappers. Thanks Vicki!

I got a visit from Sarah yesterday that was a nice surprise. Her car was leaking gas so she brought it over to Super Lube to get it fixed. I went and picked her up and she hung out with me for a few hours till the car was ready. She had a leak in the fuel line and needed a new filter. She also got the oil changed. 

Today will be my last day to babysit this week. The kids have off through Monday of next week, so I'll have a long break. 
Going to make Sarah's ice cream cake today, and the pumpkin dip. Maybe the pumpkin bread to. I'll have to see how far I get. 

Stamping trails

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