Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Tag How To

Had a few request on how the tree was made in yesterday's post. So here you go.

Start with the 1 3/4 scallop circle punch, and punch three from cardstock. Using a marker or pencil place a dot just a little off center of the punched cardstock.

On an angle using scissors cut to the dot. Count over 6 scallops and again cut to the dot. Don't worry if it is not perfectly angled just make sure you have the six scallops.

Repeat this process, cutting 5 scallops, then 4 then 3. You can get 4 and 3 from one of the punched out pieces. Then just overlap and glue together. I used Tobmo glue.

Here are the pieces you should have to make the tree.

I had some trees left over after I was finished making my tags so I made one more using 3 trees on the tag. Trunks are cut from scraps of brown cardstock.

It was so warm yesterday! Got to 73. Me and hubby took a walk in the park, then did some stuff in the yard. Got some sun. What a wonderful day!!!

Temps going to be dropping by tonight, so its back to business as usual for this time of the year, but it was great while it lasted!

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