Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Tree is up....and Snow

As per our tradition the tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. This year I decided to put up the large tree as it has not been up for three seasons. I had been using the smaller Barbie tree, but I was missing some of my favorite ornaments so the big tree went up.

Some old favorites. Reindeer light bulbs. Above them are vintage glass ornaments that belonged to my mom and dad. They are from their first Christmas tree together.

The Grinch light bulb. Under that the new Barbie ornament from Hallmark, and a Barbie shoe tree. I just had to get some Barbie stuff on the tree.

New addition Charlie Brown Christmas ornament from Hallmark. It lights up and plays the theme song from the Christmas play. This one Skip bought. He just liked it. It is cute and we both enjoy the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

Old faves, Sylvester the cat, homemade ornament that John made, Snowman in a bucket, Pillsbury Dough boy (my mom loved the dough boy and ordered new ones each year)and Noel bear wagon. This one my mom bought me from Avon years and years ago.

And of course what would a tree be without some snow? We got just a dusting. It was a cold 29 degrees this morning.

I didn't hit the Black Friday sales, although we did walk down to K-Mart Friday morning just to get some fresh air and check it out. Yesterday we went to the mall and did some walking as it was to cold to walk outside.
Today I'm making my famous Turkey Soup with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Going to stay in and work on some last minute projects. I need to get my out of town Christmas boxes in the mail this coming weekend.

Stamping trails

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