Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clear Stamps

I had some customers ask me about using clear stamps. Let me just say I would choose clear stamps to wood mounted stamps any day of the week. Just love them! I like the thin cases that SU clear stamps come in. What I do after adding the labels on the stamps I peel off the paper on the rubber that the stamps are attached to, and stick that to the storage case. When not using the stamps they go right back into the space they came out of.
Here is a back view of the case.
Now I've heard others say that they have problems with the clear stamps sticking on the blocks. I've also ran into that problem. Nothing worse than inking up the clear stamp then have it pop off the block when you go to stamp it on the cardstock. I've been using Tobmo liquid glue on the backs of the stamps. Just take a wide flat paint brush and apply a very thin layer of the glue to the label part of the stamp. Allow it to dry. The glue sticks to the the clear block very well. Won't come off even when you clean it on the scrubby. If you don't want to add the glue you can also use a bit of mono adhesive to hold it in place, or don't apply the clear label to the stamps. I've heard that they cling better without the label. For me it would drive me crazy if I didn't have the label attached. LOL Also make sure the clear block is clean. Another thing that I've done is mist the label part of the stamp with a small amount of water. You don't need much to get it to stick. Hope this info has been of some help.

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